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Red Carpet Hair Styles – 4 Common Factors

Celebrities bank on the fact that they will get press coverage at formal occasions such as awards shows. They spend weeks if not months to prepare their overall look. Hair stylists, fashion advisors, hair extension stylists are all called in to help create the looks.    human hair wigs

Below are 4 common factors for all celebrity red carpet hair styles:

1. The hair style will accentuate certain facial features and flatter the overall face shape of the celebrity.

For example, if a celebrity has beautiful eyes, the hair style will be designed to draw your attention directly to the eyes. The starting point for a face flattering hair style is to determine your face shape.

2. The hair style has a certain softness to it. Most celebrity hair styles will have either gentle waves, curls or a straight smooth and soft look to it. Unless the trends call for harshness, most red carpet hair styles will be soft and feminine.

3. The hair style will compliment the dress, shoes and accessories. Soft, sensual hair styles are combined with soft, sexy dresses, etc.

4. The hair style has a good first impression. When you glance at a celebrity that is walking down the red carpet, you are expected to see the WOW factor. First impressions go a long way, and they get a lot of press coverage.

In short, red carpet hair styles give us many ideas on how to wear our hair for formal occasions. If we copy the best features of the styles we like, we too can create our very own red carpet look.

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