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Proper Operation of a Diesel Engine Will Have Positive Impact

For anyone who runs or operates a diesel engine, then you know that untimely repairs can be both surprising and costly. Diesel engines are designed to give good operation for a certain number of hours or miles. This is determined by the type and quality of fuel used, the quality of preventive maintenance and the operation of the engine.

Most diesel engines now utilize a turbocharger to improve the performance and efficeincy of the engine. On average, the turbocharger, or turbo, is generally expected to perform for about 60% of the life of the engine. At that time, the turbo should be rebuilt or replaced. To help get the expected life of the turbo, a few simple operating tips will help.  used engines for sale

First, use engine oil that the engine manufacturer recommends. The engine oil will provide lubrication of the turbo. By using high quality fuel, you can ensure that the oil will give good service until it is time to change it and the filter. Oil sampling can be utilized to help determine if the engine oil is providing adequate protection as well as allowing you to monitor wear trends and any possible contamination.

Second, it is important to let the engine warm up when it is started. This allows the various parts of the engine to get to operating temperature and become well lubricated.

Third, it is equally important to allow the engine to cool down before it is shut down. Many engine manufacturers offer an automatic shut down device to help make sure that this is done. Keep in mind that one of the most important things to remember is that you should never shut the engine down at any rpm above idle.

Shutting it down at high RPM’s will cause the turbo to spin at several thousand RPM’s with no lubrication. What oil that is trapped in the turbo will get extremely hot and will in essence coke the oil in the bearings and will block critical oil passages. This will drastically reduce turbo life and will result in early turbo failure. It will also result in poor performance and reduced efficiency.

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