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iOS Application Development vs. Android Application Development – Which is Better for Developers?

Smartphones are a big craze these days with more and more number of new devices being introduced every now and then. When it comes to mobile application development for the Smartphones, the app developers generally choose between the two most popular mobile operating systems present today – Android from Google and iOS from Apple. But the question is which happens to be the better platform for developers? Provided is a comparison between the two mobile operating system platforms.

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Programming Language

iPhone operating system mainly makes use of Objective-C language from Apple which can be easily adopted by developers familiar with C++ and C. Being such an exclusive language, it can pose problems for developers without much of an expertise in different programming languages.

Java is primarily the language used by an Android app developer which makes it easier and convenient for majority of developers.

Application Development Platform

When it comes to developer guidelines, Apple has quite a restrictive policy. Specific tools are provided to the developers for developing apps and they are not allowed to use any other tool apart from that. As a result, the creative skills of the developers are curbed to a great extent.

Since, Android is an open source development platform, developers have the freedom of using 3rd party tools so as to assist them with app development. They get the opportunity to play with various features of an application as well as add more functionality. This has actually led to the huge success and popularity of this platform with a wide range of devices being available.

Application Testing

Compared to the standards of Android, Xcode from Apple has a long way to go so as to match up to the standards.

Android, on the other hand offers developers with a superb testing environment. The range of tools available for testing is clearly indexed and IDE provides an excellent model of source code. It is mainly because of this fact, developers have the time as well as scope to thoroughly test their apps as well as debug whenever necessary.

Multitasking Abilities

The exclusive, stable platform of Apple available to an iOS app developer clearly specifies the tools taking the opportunity to define their boundaries and potential. Thus, proceeding with the task becomes a lot easier for the developer.

The versatile nature of Android operating system helps developers with the development of dynamic apps aimed towards multiple purposes. However Android operating system’s multitasking ability often creates different issues for amateur developers as plenty of time is required to understand, learn and master. Along with that, the fragmented platform of Android poses big challenges to developers.

Application Approval

Application approval for an iOS app to Apple Application store takes around three to four weeks of time. Apart from that, several restrictions are also placed on the developers however this has not stopped numerous developers from approaching Apple App Store to launch their apps.

In comparison to iOS app approval, no stiff resistance is presented to Android developers from Android Market making it much convenient and easier for the developers.

Thus, it can be concluded that both these platforms have their pros and cons for the developers. It is entirely the interest and knack of the developers that will lead them towards choosing the platform they prefer.

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